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Here at HFS Federal Credit Union, we always strive to find ways to enhance member service and provide a seamless experience for you. As part of this effort, the Credit Union will be undergoing a system upgrade in June of this year.

Updated 5/28/2020

Please carefully review the information below. Due to the limited availability of various services, we highly recommend that our members make any necessary preparations in advance of our temporary closure. Please be sure to make any branch transactions no later than May 29th.  This would also include large cash withdrawals, if an ATM is not sufficient.

To stay informed on future updates, please look out for our emails. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (808) 930-1400 or toll free at (800) 216-2666.



  • Changes to Online Banking (5/28/2020)- Members may notice several difference once logged into Online Banking and the HFS App starting June 2nd. Learn more
  • Timeline Available (5/15/2020)- We have made new additions to the timeline. To see how our services will be impacted during this upgrade, please refer to the table below. Learn more


Services Thursday, May 28 Friday, May 29 Saturday, May 30 – Monday, June 1 Tuesday, June 2
Branch Lobbies Open (normal business hours) Closed Open (normal business hours)
Call Center Open (normal business hours) Closed Open (normal business hours)
Online Banking & HFS App Available Available until 6 pm HST Not Available Available
Bill Pay Available Available until 6 pm HST Not Available (Payments will process as scheduled) Available
Automated Phone Banking Available Available until 6 pm HST Not Available Available (Please re-enroll by following phone prompts)
Scheduled Transfers & ACH Will process as scheduled
Express Deposit & Night Drops Available Last pick up at 5 pm HST Available however deposits will be processed on Tuesday, June 2nd Available
Online Loan Applications Not Available
Debit Cards & ATM Access Available Limited availability as of 3 pm HST Limited Availability Available
Credit Cards Available

Changes to Online Banking & HFS App

  • Accounts You’ll See- You may notice more or less accounts than you did before. Members will now be able to view all accounts and loans that they are authorized to see. This includes Business and Trust Accounts and loans for borrowers and co-borrowers.
  • Transaction Descriptions- While viewing your account history, you may notice slightly different descriptions for some of your transactions.
  • Member to Member Transfers- Although this service is changing, you may notice that it now asks for a Share ID or Loan ID instead of a Suffix to transfer the funds to. This ID is 4 numbers long and can be found on your details page. Here’s some common IDs you may use:
    • 0000 = Savings Account
    • 0008= Checking Account
  • NEW Loan Payments Tab- In the menu, under Transactions will be a new tab “Loan Payments”. Easily make payments to your HFS loans and credit cards! You can even use this page to get your payoff amount information or make principal payments.
  • NEW eNotices- No need to wait for the mail any more. With eNotices, you’ll quickly be notified of important matters regarding your account. Click on Services, then Statements to view your notices (but you’ll also receive an email when one is ready for you).
  • Intuit Products- The system upgrade should not affect your connectivity to Quickbooks and Quicken. However, if you do have do experience problems, please use the instructions below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking & HFS App

Question: Will this upgrade force me to change or reset my online banking username and password?

Answer: No, you will be able to log in using your same credentials.

Question: Will I be able to access online banking during this time?

Answer: No, Online Banking and the HFS App will be unavailable from Friday at 6 pm HST through Monday, June 1,2020.

Phone Banking

Question: Is Automated Phone Banking the same as the Call Center?

Answer: No, you would have needed to opt into our Automated Phone Banking System. It is accessed by calling (808) 930-1489 or toll-free (877) 930-1489.

Night Drop

Question: What is a Night Drop?

Answer: Every branch has a Night Drop Box located outside of their building. You may deposit checks by completing the provided envelope and enclosing your deposit.

Debit Cards

Question: What does “limited availability” on our debit card mean?

Answer: Your debit card may be unavailable for use. Because of this, we are strongly encouraging members to have an alternative means of payment during our system upgrade weekend such as cash, checks, credit card, etc.

10 replies to “Important: Upcoming System Upgrade

Debra Powell-Ramsey

I called to make sure this message was on the up & up they said they didn’t know anything about this in your email update for this month. Bank person I spoke to wanted to know if I had it still in my email, but I’d deleted it, but I now have it here because it was in my trash. Is this a valid change happening in June or is this some kind of scam.



Hi Debra,

Thank you for following up with us. Yes, this is a valid change that will be happening in June. We will have more details about the various services that will be impacted on this blog post and we’ll continue to send more emails as information becomes available. I’ll also be sure to reach out to our internal and overflow call center to make sure everyone is aware of this change. Mahalo!

Jordan Hine

I’m not able to log into my account, I’ve gotten an error messages on both the app & online. Is this an upgrade issue? I know it’s not my usernane or password, I just logged in on my app a couple days ago with no problem.


Posted by: Jesica

Hi Jordan,

We’re sorry to hear that you’re having difficulty logging into your account. However, this is not related to the system upgrade. Please give us a call at (808) 930-1400 and we can help figure out what’s happening. Mahalo!


If someone at another bank tries to cash a check I’ve written, while the updates are taking place, will the check go through?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Stu, yes the check will go through even while the updates are taking place. Mahalo for asking!


You are saying debit card maybe unavailable for those days? Don’t you know for sure? So if I use my debit card for purchase it will decline even though there is sufficient funds on 5/30-6/1?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Kellie,

It is a possibility that a purchase could be declined while we are going through the system upgrade. We strongly are encouraging all members to have an alternate method of payment during this time. If you have our credit card, this will work without any interruptions during the upgrade. You could also use checks or cash. If you plan to take out cash from an ATM, please do so by 3 pm HST on Friday, May 29th before the upgrade begins. As a reminder our branches and call center will also be closed from Saturday through Monday. Mahalo!


Will this upgrade allow us to see our pending transactions online?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Jamie,

Unfortunately, the upgrade will not allow pending transactions to be seen online. However, you still will be able to view your available versus current balance. Mahalo!

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