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Coin Counting Machines

"HFS is the best financial institution. They are always searching for more ways to make banking more accessible and hassle free."

- Member of 10+ Years



Our machines count your loose change so you can deposit the coins into your account or exchange them for cash


Why use a coin counting machine?

Don’t waste time counting coins when our machine can do it for you. If you’re a business owner accepting cash or just have a bunch of change, come into the Hilo, Honoka‘a, Kea’au, Waimea, or Kona Coast branch and we’ll deposit your coins into your account or exchange them for cash.

Please don’t forget to remove paper clips, screws, rocks and other foreign objects from your coin containers before using the coin counter.


Free for members


Saves time: no need to wrap coins


Deposit directly into your account



Coin counting machines are available at all HFS branches except for the Prince Kuhio Plaza Office.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Currently our Hilo, Kea‘au, Honoka‘a, Waimea and Kona Coast branches have coin counting machines available.

  • This service is free to members. There is a 10% fee assessed on the total amount collected for non-members.

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