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Official Checks, Money Orders & More

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Checks you can purchase that don’t require a Checking Account.

Official Checks

Official Checks are perfect when you need to guarantee funds immediately. They are often used for large purchases, such as buying a car or making a deposit on your next apartment, but unlike cash, you can stop payment if your check gets lost or stolen.

Official Checks are sometimes referred to as cashier's checks, treasurer's checks or bank checks. Unlike personal checks, you don’t need a checking account and you pay the face value up front. Once purchased, Official Checks are secured by HFS, thereby assuring the payee immediate access to their money.


Five Official Checks per month free of charge


$1.00 for each additional check


No Checking Account required


Stop payment if check is lost

Money Orders

A Money Order is a form of prepaid payment that is used to pay or send money to people as a potentially safer alternative to cash or checks. Funds are guaranteed and a stop payment can be issued, if necessary. They are the perfect alternative to checks in situations where either checks are not accepted or you don’t have access to checks or a checking account. You can purchase a Money Order for any amount up to $1,000 for a nominal $1.00 fee.


Guaranteed and widely accepted




Easy to cash

Additional info


Visit any HFS FCU branch location to purchase an Official Check or Money Order, or request it over the phone. If you’d like to order checks for your personal or business checking account, visit the Order Checks page to get started.

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