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2022 Debit & Share Card Upgrade



  • Update (7/11/22) – Today is activation day! Your old debit card will no longer work, please be sure to dispose of it securely. You may now activate and begin using your new card. Debit cardholders – don’t forget to update your payment information wherever you may have it saved.
  • Update (6/27/22)- All cards have been mailed out and members should expect to receive their cards within the next 7-10 days. Once it arrives, please store it in a safe location until 7/11/22 when you can activate and start using it.
  • Announcement (4/1/2022)- Welcome to our Debit and Share Card Upgrade page which will have all the information you will need to know about the upcoming changes. Stay tuned for more updates.



Date Details Status
Late June 2022 New HFS Visa®  Debit Cards and Share Cards mailed to current cardholders. Mailed
Sunday, July 10, 2022 Last day to use your current debit or share card.

Also, last day to use the CardValet® App, which will be discontinued.  All current users should have received notice by email.

Monday, July 11, 2022 1. First day to activate, set your PIN (Personal Identification Number), and begin using your new debit or share card.

2. Update your card information wherever it is saved.

3. Download the HFS Cards App to access your new card controls.

4. Securely dispose of your old card


New Debit Card Features

  • Brand new card design (for both debit and share cards)
  • No more foreign transaction fees
  • More ways to pay! Tap, swipe or insert your card to pay
  • Increased fraud monitoring and alerts to better protect you
  • More card controls through the HFS Cards App

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Member Questions:

Question: Why can’t I activate my card?

Answer: Please be sure you are calling from a phone number that is on file with the credit union. If you are not calling from a phone number on file with HFS, the automated activation system or a live representative can assist you with alternative options to activate your new card.

Question: Why is my card being declined?

Answer: Be sure that you are using your new HFS Visa® Debit Card. Your old debit card will no longer work. When you activate your new card, you also need to set up a PIN. You may use the same PIN from your previous card, but it needs to be re-entered. If you are attempting to make a purchase with your new debit card and it is being declined, please contact us at (808) 930-1400 so we can assist you.

When utilizing an ATM with your share card, first check that you are using your new card and that it has been activated. If you are attempting to use your new share card at an ATM and are still unable to check balances or make a withdrawal, please contact us at (808) 930-1400 so we can assist you.

Question: I’m trying to access card controls on my phone but my username and password doesn’t work.

Please be advised that the new card controls are only available for debit cards, not share cards.

Our new card management app can be accessed through your HFS Mobile App. See below for instructions:

  1. Launch and log in to your HFS Mobile App
  2. Tap the Menu button, then click Services, and View Credit Card
  3. If this is your first time, it will prompt you to visit the App Store to download the Credit Card App. Please proceed with downloading the HFS Cards App. (App icon pictured here for your reference)
  4. If this is your first time, open the app, review the disclosures, and select the enroll tab. You will also need to create a new username and password specifically for the Cards App. This should be different than your HFS Online Banking login.
  5. Proceed with the enrollment steps to access your card controls.

Program Changes

Question: Will there be changes to my card’s terms and conditions?

Answer: All existing terms and conditions will remain the same with the exception of the following:

  • Foreign Transaction fees have been eliminated
  • New customer service after-hours phone number:
    • Customer Service: 866-652-7214

Question: Are there changes in the fees?

Answer: Yes, we are eliminating foreign transaction fees to further benefit our cardholders.

Question: Will my card information change?

Answer: Yes. Cardholders will be receiving new card numbers so it will be very important to update your debit card information with any companies that you’ve set up automatic payment with. Tip: Do you have Online Banking? Click on Menu > Transactions > CardSwap. If you’ve never used this handy feature, it allows you to update your payment information with popular subscription and streaming services, merchants, and more all in one place!

You’ll also notice that your name, card number and expiration date are now on the back of your card. This is another way of helping to protect your sensitive information at store checkouts and ATMs. With your information on the back, when inserting your card into the machine or tapping your card, your sensitive data is no longer visible to those next to you.

Contactless Cards

Question: What is a Contactless card and what are the benefits?

Answer: The new Contactless feature is now available on all debit cards. A Contactless card payment utilizes a Radio Frequency (RF) technology, allowing cardholders to “wave” their Contactless card over a Contactless-enabled point-of-sale (POS) terminal. The embedded antenna transmits the payment info to the Contactless-enabled terminal using a one-time use code with each transaction. These new features allow for a secure, fast, and easy transaction process.

Question: Will I be able to add my debit card to a digital wallet?

Answer: You will have the ability to add your new HFS Visa® Debit Card to digital wallets, including Apple Wallet, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and more!

Question: How secure are Contactless Cards?

Answer: Every Contactless card payment transaction includes a one-time use, dynamic data for the transaction. This same data cannot be used for other transactions. In addition, each Contactless device must have its own unique secret key and this key is never transmitted.

Question: How do I make a Contactless card transaction?


  • Verify that there is a Contactless symbol on the transaction terminal.
  • Tap or hold your Visa debit card within 3 inches of the transaction terminal.

contactless symbol

Question: How do I use my card if a Store’s terminal does not have the Contactless symbol/feature?

Answer: Your new debit card also includes an embedded microchip and magnetic stripe, so that if you find your favorite stores have not updated their transaction terminals, you can use your new card in the same way that you had used a standard card.