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Credit Union Myths – #2

smashing a stone with a hammer.

It’s Tuesday once again and we are ready to bust another common credit union myth!

Myth #2: “Credit unions are only for those that are in need.”

What more can I say other than…this is simply not true! Credit unions can often be known to serve low-income consumers, and therefore are not usually linked to success and status. As a credit union we strive to help all of our members to the best of our abilities. We are here to help you and genuinely want to see you succeed and grow! A credit union will be here to meet your financial needs, whether you are from a low-income or high-income household. We are all part of one community and that’s who the credit union is here to serve, the community as a whole.

Your success means our success! Remember, membership with a credit union is not as limited as you may think, as we talked about last week. Here at HFS membership is open to all who live, work, worship, volunteer, go to school, and more on the Big Island. For more information on why to join a credit union, visit our Why Choose HFS page. Check back next Tuesday when we’ll bust credit union Myth #3!