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Credit Union Myths – #1

smashing a stone with a hammer.

There can often be misconceptions surrounding what we do and who we are as a credit union. We are here to destroy those myths, one by one, and share the credit union mission.

Myth #1: “I can’t join.”

Being part of a credit union does mean meeting some type of eligibility requirement for membership, but those requirements can be encompassing of more people than you might think. Sometimes it may be a credit union specifically for county employees and their family members, but many credit union’s here on the Big Island are community based, meaning that just by living, working, going to school, volunteering or more on the Big Island you are eligible to become a member. This community based charter means that all of our members share a common bond, and for HFS specifically that means all of our members have some kind of connection to the Big Island, our home. HFS FCU is a community based credit union, with eligibility requirements that can be found here. We are here to serve all members of our community. If you’ve ever wanted to join a credit union, but didn’t think you would be eligible, be sure to check further into the membership eligibility. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Stay tuned for our next Tuesday blog post, where we’ll cover another common myth surrounding credit unions!

Fraudulent Text Messages claiming to be from HFS are being sent. If you received a text and are unsure of its legitimacy, please contact the credit union.