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What’s in your wallet?

Open black wallet wth dollars and plastic cards on wooden table

My wallet is one of those that would not close if there wasn’t a zipper on it. Those manini wallets with the snap closures do not work for me, I have just too much stuff in here. I’ve got my license, debit cards, credit cards, store cards, cash, gift cards, receipts galore, loyalty cards and more!

Now, we all know that we’re not supposed to keep our social security card in our wallet right? (Guiltily, I finally took mine out of my wallet a few years ago.) But what else shouldn’t you be keeping in there?

  1. ALL of your cards. Just because there’s 12 slots for cards in your wallet, doesn’t mean that you have to actually fill it with all of your cards (or even double some up). Chances are that you have 1 or 2 “go to” cards that you use regularly. Keep those on hand for your everyday purchases, plus one for emergencies and keep the rest at home. If you’re trying to tighten up your frivolous spending, this will really help with that. Also, if you were to lose your wallet, that’s a lot less cards and companies that you’ll need to contact.
  2. Your PIN cheat sheet. Your PIN is your security shield against someone getting ahold of your card and using it. By writing down your PIN and keeping it with your card, someone could easily pick up your wallet (if you lost it) and start purchasing away! It’s kind of like leaving your house key in the door lock. eeek!
  3. Receipts. Although your receipt will only show the last 4 digits of your card number, just don’t take a chance on this. There’s really no reason to hold onto these after you’ve accounted for it in your account or register. If you may need to return the item, hold onto it in a safer place. If not, shred these when you get home, just like junk mail.

Go ahead and do a cleanout of your wallet over the long weekend!

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