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Welcome to the new!

BloomCU Team

We truly believe that the success of our Credit Union comes from your success as a member. We’ve tailored this site to showcase your successes, which you’ll notice with the addition of a member quote at the top of each page. The site also features a new color scheme and large updated images that the fill the width of your screen. Each product page features multiple tabs that allows you to navigate for information on a specific product without leaving the page. Need to know the rate on a product? No more navigating away to a rates page, each product that has any rates or fees will have a tab for it! Also new is an FAQ tab on each page allowing you to learn more about a product or service without having to call. However, rest assured that if you need more information we are only a call or email away!

Do you visit our website mainly for online banking? The login has moved and the look of it has updated! Just look for the button in the top right hand corner labeled “Login”. Enter your username and continue on to our Online Banking portal. Easy as that!

We hope that you love our new website as much as we do!

Meet Derik, Michael and Ryan, the awesome guys of BloomCU who made our new website possible.