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The Credit Union Difference – In Poetry Form

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National Haiku Poetry Day

When we found out that today (April 17th) is National Haiku Poetry Day, I had an idea! We asked other staff members within the Credit Union to write a Haiku poem about the Credit Union. Or they could write it about their specific job. It was a great way to tap into the creativity here in the office and share more about the credit union difference! I’ll be sharing the poems they came up with in this post.

What is a Haiku Poem?

It had been a while since I wrote one, so I admit I googled it before starting to write. A Haiku is a traditional Japanese style of poetry that consists of only 3 lines. The first and last lines have 5 syllables while the second line has 7 syllables. You can bet we had fun working on these, it really had us thinking!

Haiku’s about HFS Federal Credit Union

Here they are!

By: Alex

Saving step by step

We build credit together

Making dreams come true


By: Luke

Together we aim

Towards financial success

Helping each other


By: Anthony and David

Save your money now

And let it grow tomorrow

Financial Freedom


Helping our members

Achieve their financial dreams

That’s where caring counts


Bills are a hassle

Now with BillPay it’s easy

Save money save time


Why are you in line?

Save time with the Mobile App

Android and Apple


Have you seen our loans?

We have low interest rates

Take advantage now


Aren’t these great?! All of these poems demonstrate a different facet of the credit union and how we are here to help you reach your goals! Let National Haiku Poetry Day inspire you to tap into your creative side, even if just for a little bit. We’d love to hear some Haiku poetry from you. Feel free to add your own Haiku’s in the comments below!

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