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Kids Club In-School Program in Hawaii

Welcome to the HFS Kids Club In-School Program page!



The Children’s Saving Program began in 2010 with Kea’au Elementary School and Waiakea Elementary School one year later. In 2019, St. Joseph Elementary School was added to the program. We are excited to welcome Keaukaha Elementary School to our program this year.

The program features twice-per-month Deposit Days at each school where HFS staff members visit the campus from 7:15-7:50 am and give participants the chance to deposit into their Savings Account. After their deposit, they get a prize (perhaps their favorite part!). It’s a wonderful opportunity to begin teaching your keiki all about developing positive savings habits, money-counting skills, and building confidence in managing their money from a young age.


To participate in this program, here’s what we ask that you do:

  • Whether you are new to the program or a returning student, please fill out the Pre-Registration Form and it bring back to any HFS branch office, or submit via email at [email protected].
    • If you are returning to the program, or already have an HFS account, please fill out sections A & C.

Anyone needing to open an account to participate should fill out sections B & C. In addition, we ask that all adult(s)/joint owner(s) come into any HFS branch office to complete the account opening process. The following documents are what you will need to bring with you:

  • Adult(s)/joint owner on account – current photo ID and verification of physical address
  • Student social security number/card
  • $5.00 minimum share balance
  • Let the staff member know that they will be participating in the Deposit Day Program and what school they will be participating with.


Opt in to email reminders

After receiving feedback from parents, we implemented email reminders for Deposit Days. We’ll let you know when Deposit Days are coming up and when we have other special opportunities for your keiki. Be sure to include your email address on the pre-registration form and authorize us to email you.


Deposit Day Schedules

Deposit Day schedules for the 2023-2024 school year are linked below, by school:

For any questions regarding this program, please contact Jesica Carriaga at 808-930-1479 or Winnie Makaea at 808-930-1459. You may also email us anytime at [email protected]. Mahalo!



Kids Club In-School

Submit your contact information, questions and comments about our HFS Kid’s Club In- School Program and an HFS staff representative will be in touch.

Join Us for Deposit Day

We look forward to seeing your keiki at Kea'au, Waiakea, St. Joseph or Keaukaha Elementary Schools! Schedule an appointment to open a Kids Club account or visit your nearest branch.

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