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Last Minute Gift Ideas

Santa Claus running and delivering Christmas presents: he is late and losing gifts from his sack

Maybe you haven’t been able to find the perfect gift for someone on your list, or you received a gift from someone that you didn’t buy anything for. Whatever the circumstance, we’re here to give you some last minute gift ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Gift Card/Certificate

This may not be the most original idea, but is definitely the easiest option when you’re in a time crunch. Whether it be a restaurant gift certificate or a gift card to their favorite store, this gift idea gives them the option to spend on something they may want or need. Make sure to stay within your budget if possible when choosing the amount to gift.

Themed Gift Bags or Baskets

If you have a Pinterest account, you could spend hours looking at options for this type of gift! Customize the gift to the person’s interests, such as a snack basket, spa basket, movie night kit (a DVD with snacks and popcorn in a bucket) or even a cooking basket. Whatever it may be, you choose the items included and can tailor it to fit your budget.

Packaged Snacks

We all have a favorite snack or candy that we enjoy. If you know the person well enough, pick up some of their favorite snacks and wrap it up nicely. They’ll appreciate the thought and will have some yummy food to snack on!

Movie Theater Tickets

Movie ticket prices have gone up which makes movie tickets a wonderful gift! Consider purchasing them from your local credit union at a discount if they sell them. For example, here at HFS FCU we sell movie tickets to our members for a discounted price of $8.50 and they have no restrictions or expiration date. Simply visit any office to purchase.

Local Craft Fairs

During the holiday season, we see an abundance of craft fairs popping up every weekend. Consider attending these to find locally made gifts at reasonable prices for those still left on your list. Just remember to plan ahead, some craft fairs charge an entrance fee and not all vendors accept cards so be sure to bring cash with you just in case.

Baked Goods

This may be one of the easiest options if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen! You may already have some of the ingredients needed to make your favorite dessert, which makes this budget friendly. Spend some time making your dessert and deliver to those still remaining on your list, they’ll love it!

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