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DIY Christmas Gifts

Top view of female hands make a Christmas wreath. Packed gifts and scrolls

If you’re a little short on cash for gift shopping this year, or maybe just want to simplify your gift giving, consider DIY Christmas gifts! DIY gifts allow you to put any special skills you have to use when it comes to homemade items, whether it be sewing, baking, crafting etc. It simplifies the amount of gifts you need to purchase and shows those receiving your gift that you care. If you’re considering going the DIY route this year, here are a few ideas:

Mason Jar Mixes

Mason jars have become very popular in the recent years, and rightly so because there are so many different uses for them! One fantastic idea is to make pre-made mixes and gift them in a mason jar. It could be pre-made hot chocolate mix, cookie mix, or even a spice rub for any grilling aficionados out there. Be sure to put your crafting skills to use and include a gift tag with the jar. This can include instructions on how to use the mix inside the jar. If you start shopping early enough, look for sales on mason jars so you can grab them for a steal!

Hand Sewn Crafts

I know many of you out there probably learned how to sew at some point in your life. If you’ve carried on that skill and have access to a sewing machine, consider sewing your own gifts! Some great hand sewn gifts are pot holders, dish towels, hand towels, pillow cases, blankets, etc. Fabric can be quite expensive, but if you keep an eye out for sales throughout the year you’re sure to find a great deal, or use leftover material from any other projects you may have had!

Baked Goods

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to holiday treats! Growing up, I had a family member who delivered homemade cinnamon rolls for Christmas every year and I always looked forward to it! Spend some extra time in your kitchen and bake up some holiday joy. It could be cookies, cupcakes, holiday cakes or any special treat that you enjoy baking or cooking. You won’t be able to make it too far ahead of time and will have to make your holiday deliveries soon after it’s finished, but you can reach a lot of people on a budget with this type of gift.

Those are just a few ideas out of the endless possibilities out there. Comment below if you have any other DIY gift ideas you’d like to share!