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Locating Your HFS Routing Number on a Check

Where is the Routing Number and Account Number on a Check?

When you’re looking at your personal checks, look for a string of numbers at the very bottom. It is important to be able to differentiate between the different sets of numbers so that you have the correct information that you need.

  • The first set of numbers is your routing number
  • The second set of numbers is your account number
  • The third set of numbers is your check number

The check example below shows you where to find the information you need.

location of routing number on HFS checks

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number is your financial institution’s unique identifier. You will need this information when sending or receiving money to and from your account. On a check, the routing number will be the first set of numbers listed on the bottom left side of your check.

You also might be wondering where you can find your routing number if you don’t have checks? Well, if you are an HFS FCU member, our routing number is located at very bottom of our website, or you can also locate it within your online banking account. When logged into online banking, click into an account, select the account details tab and your routing number will be listed. For quick reference, the HFS Federal Credit Union routing number is 321378660.

Account Number

Another piece of information you will commonly need is your account number; your unique account identifier. When looking at your checks, the account number is the second set of numbers listed at the bottom.

If you do not have checks and have an HFS account, you can also find your account number within your online banking account. Once logged in, click into an account, select the account details tab, and your full account number will be listed there.

Check Number

The check number is mostly useful for tracking and record keeping purposes. This number is found in 2 places on your check; in the top right corner and the last set of numbers at the bottom.

What Do I Need My Routing Number For?

A routing number is especially important when you want to set up a transfer of funds in or out of your account electronically. The following types of transactions and transfers require both an account and routing number:

  • Setting up direct deposit
  • Initiating an ACH (automated clearing house), or electronic bill payment. The vendor will need your routing number and account number to set up the automatic payment.
  • To set up an electronic deposit into your account, such as depositing funds from a third party payment app
  • To complete any type of wire transfer in or out of your account

Are All Routing Numbers The Same?

All routing numbers are not the same. Each financial institution has their own unique routing number, so no two are the same. Think of it as your bank or credit union’s electronic mailing address. HFS Federal Credit Union’s routing number is 321378660 and no other institution will have the same number.

Still Have Questions on Locating Your HFS Routing Number?

If you are having difficulty locating your HFS routing number, please contact us for assistance.