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Recent Scam

screen shot of a secure access code text message

Please remain vigilant in protecting your sensitive information such as your online banking user name, password, secure access code, debit and credit card numbers and PIN. HFS FCU representatives will never ask you for this information.

Recent Scam

Members have received text messages claiming to be from HFS FCU’s Fraud Prevention to verify transactions. Once responding, they received a call from (800) 216-2666, our toll-free phone number. Unfortunately this is a common scam tactic called “call spoofing” which allows fraudsters to change the number that displays on your caller ID. The caller identified themselves as an HFS representative and asked the member to verify their Online Banking User ID. They also requested that the member change their password for their protection, then asked for their Secure Access Code. Unfortunately, at this point, the fraudster has been given all the information needed to access the member’s account and successfully withdrew funds utilizing the Send Money feature.

If you receive a text, call, or email that you feel uncomfortable about, please don’t hesitate to call HFS FCU directly by calling (808) 930-1400 or (800) 216-2666 toll-free to verify the message with a Member Service Representative prior to providing any information to the individual.

More Fraud & Scam Tips

Visit our Fraud Awareness page for more information about scam callers, emails, phone calls, checks, and more. We even share examples of scams and fraud stories (and they’re convincing).