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Preparing for College

Apply for Scholarships

Although the federal deadline to apply for FAFSA has passed, it is never too late to apply for scholarships! Check out free matching services like for scholarships that come out and have deadlines all throughout the year, and check in constantly for new opportunities! Most scholarships tend to open towards the end of the year. So even if you didn’t get the opportunity to apply for your current academic term, you can start applying for the next!  For more scholarship tips checkout another of our scholarship blog posts here!

Save Money While in College

Your new financial journey will continue throughout your years in college. First-time college students are vulnerable to overspending, but college is the perfect time to develop smart financial habits! This can be the most expensive time of a young adult’s life, and every little bit you can save helps. There are a number of ways that you can save money, take a look at our Money Savings Tips for College Students for ways that you can save while you’re going to school!

Consider a Student Loan

Pursuing an education is not just an investment in yourself, it’s an investment in your financial future. A student loan can help finance your college tuition, room and board, computer, and book expenses. Before applying for a private student loan, be sure to exhaust all other resources, such as federal loans, grants and scholarships. You should also only request the amount you need for your current academic period. For assistance with financing, please contact the Credit Union at (808) 930-1400.

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