The new online banking system (coming soon!) has quite a few new features that we are excited for you all to see, including Single Login.

Single Login

What is single login you ask? Well, instead of having to remember usernames and passwords for each account that you are an owner of, when you log in to the new system you’ll automatically see all accounts that you are a primary or joint owner on. Instead of the system generating a new login per account, it now generates one login for each member. This makes managing your finances a breeze since you can conveniently access all of your accounts in one place. The graphic below will help show you how it works:


Now, some of you may be thinking “well, wait a minute, I don’t want the joint owner on my account to see my account activity”. Or maybe you are a joint owner on your kids accounts or another relative or family member, but you don’t necessarily access that account or need to see any of the account activity. This could also affect anyone that may share their login with others (though we don’t recommend this) now that the login is not specific to one account. If this new feature worries you for any of these reasons, let’s talk about some of the options you may have to make this an easy and comfortable transition. First, let’s go over a few different types of account relationships to help you decide what’s right for you.

  • Primary Account Owner

    • This individual is an owner of an account and qualifies for credit union membership.
    • If an account only has one owner, it is referred to as an Individual Account.
    • If an account has more than one owner, only one person is the primary, the others are considered joint owners (see description below).
  • Joint Account Owner

    • A secondary account owner that is authorized and able to act for any other account owner regarding transactions and other account matters.
    • Any owner on the account, primary or joint, may withdraw or transfer funds, or stop payment on items without consent of the other owner(s).
  • Beneficiary

    • A beneficiary is the person designated on an account to receive the funds when the account owner dies. This person is designated by account owner(s) and does not have the ability to view or initialize any transactions on the account.

It’s important to note that the Primary Account Owner and Joint Account Owner have the same ability to view and transact on behalf of the account (depending on account type). Also keep in mind that any credit cards and loans associated with an account will also be viewable by all account owners.

Your Options

  • If you have designated someone as a joint owner on your account so that they receive the contents of the account should something happen to you, then you should change that person to a beneficiary instead. You are designating them to receive the contents of your account, but without having access to the account itself.
  • If you do not want the joint owner of your account to be able to see your account, and don’t want to designate them as a beneficiary, your next option is to take them off of the account. Please note that both the primary and joint member need to sign off in order for this to take place. If the account in question does not have any open loans or credit card balances, you may also close the account and open a new one without the joint member. This can be done by visiting any of our branches.
  • If you do not want to change the ownership of your accounts, the new system will also allow you to hide the accounts that you don’t want to see. This can be done in your Account Preferences tab.

If any of this applies to you and you’d like to discuss your specific accounts, please feel free to give us a call at (808) 930-1400 or toll free at (800) 216-2666.

22 replies to “New Online Banking Feature – Single Login

Charles Bruegman

The improvements are going to be great. I am not sure if I am added to bill pay options so can not determine if I need to deactivate or cancel any items needed. Maybe you can do this for me..


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Charles,

Yes they are, we are excited for you to try them out when it goes live! I will send you an email shortly regarding bill pay for your account. Have a great day!


I live much of the year in New Zealand and have a joint account with a friend who lives in Kona and manages my affairs. I currently don’t have access to my US phone. How can I log on after the changes? I also have a personal account.


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Kathleen,

Great question! Since you don’t have access to the US number, you’ll want to make sure you have access to the email address associated with your account so that you can receive the secure access code needed to log in. When prompted, be sure to select the option that sends the code to your email, not the phone number. Once logged in you’ll be able to see all the accounts that you are an owner on, so you’ll see both your joint and personal account. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us at (808) 930-1400 or toll free at (800) 216-2666. Mahalo!

Martha Heinrichs

Will you have a tutorial on how to Bill Pay? I have been paying my bills with Bill Pay and understand some new steps will be implemented.


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Martha,

We actually do have some video tutorials available for you to view. You can use this link to access them: This link is also included in our Online Banking FAQ sheet found on our New Online Banking Blog. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with, or feel free to give us a call at (808) 930-1400 if you have any more questions. Thank you!


I often send money to my brother in California, who has Bank of America. Is there a way to transfer funds directly into his account? I was able to do this with my previous Credit Union in California.


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha JoAnn,

The new system will have a free feature called “Send Money” which allows Credit Union debit cardholders to send money to someone at another financial institution. Transfers will be made using an HFS debit card and a notice will be sent via text or email to the recipient. They’ll be able to accept the transfer by inputting their debit card or checking account information. In your case, this would mean that your brother could input his Bank of American information to accept the funds.

If you have any other questions about this feature or the new online banking system, please feel free to give us a call at (808) 930-1400. Mahalo!


My 12 year old granddaughter is away at boarding school. I have put her on my account so that I may transfer funds to her and monitor her spending. I do not want her to be able to transfer money herself nor do I want her monitoring my spending. Will this be possible with this new system?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Becky! I will be emailing you shortly with a response to this comment. Thank you!


*In regards to taking off a joint owner of an account – both the primary and joint member need to sign off in order for this to take place.
I live in Honolulu and my parents live on the Big Island. Can this be done electronically or do we all need to be at one branch at the same time?


Posted by: Jesica

Hi Lehua! I will be emailing you shortly regarding your question. Thank you!

Michelle Kalima

When will this be up and running?
I need to see my account.


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Michelle,

The new online banking is ready and working – all you need to do is click login on our website to get started. If you do not see the updated app in your phone’s app store yet, we will be sending out an email this morning with the links. The updated app is available however, so if you don’t see it now it should be there shortly. Thank you!

K Okada

Phone number: 930-1400 is not in service!


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha K, We are experiencing a high volume of calls right now, which unfortunately is making it difficult for members to get through when they call. We’re so sorry for the inconvenience! If you need help with the new online banking or app, please call (844) 608-1893.


I have a business account as well as joint accounts. With the old system, I was able to link all accounts and access them through one login. It seems that now I need two logins since the business account has its own login. Is there any way to link these accounts so I have one login again?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Debbie,

Yes we can assist you with linking your business account with your joint accounts. Please give us a call to complete this, however since we are experiencing a high call volume right now it may be difficult to get through. We recommend calling later this afternoon or tomorrow if possible. Thank you!


The new system in my option is horrible. You have to log in and out or refresh several times to get updated account information. It also seems every night at different times the system goes haywire and the account Information is completely inaccurate. Very frustrating system.


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Kelly,

We’re sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with the new online banking system. In regards to refreshing your account, you should not have to log in and out in order to do that. When you first log in, there is a purple bar at the top of the screen saying “Your account balances are being updated”. When this is finished pulling in updated account information, the bar will change to green, saying “Your accounts are now updated”. All you need to do is click the green bar and your accounts will refresh and update. You could also navigate to a new page and updated information should be displayed.

If you ever see inaccurate account information, take a look at the “Last Updated” time under each account balance. Your account may just still be in the process of updating.

If you continue to experience difficulty with updated account information, please give us a call at (808) 930-1400 or toll free at (800) 216-2666. Mahalo.

Rickson Wichep

I like check my statement online


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Rickson, In order to check your statement online through Online Banking, you’ll want to enroll in eStatements. You can do this by logging into Online Banking, select Services, then select Statements. You will need to enroll your account in eStatements by following the prompts on the screen. Once enrolled, you’ll be able to view your eStatements online. If you have any trouble, please give us a call at (808) 930-1400 for assistance. Mahalo!

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