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Do you know how your information is being used?

Safety concept: computer keyboard with Key icon and word Fraud

The key here is recognizing how your information is being used and who it’s going to. Be sure that you are on a secure website you recognize and are familiar with before giving away any information. If anything seems suspicious or out of place, it is usually best to not give out your information and for you to contact the company directly for any questions or inquiries you may have. Your information, even just your name, phone number and email shouldn’t be given out freely to unfamiliar companies and websites because you never know how they will use it. Just take a minute to stop and think about it before clicking “submit”.

You may have noticed that on some of our new HFS website pages we may ask you for your contact information. When you enter and submit this information it comes straight to one of our staff members who will contact you to see if you need any assistance. For example, to access a loan application we may ask you for this information before you get to the application. That way if you have any trouble completing it or have any additional questions about the loan, we are able to assist you. Your information is safe and secure throughout our website!

Check back next Friday for the latest edition of #FraudPreventionFriday!

Fraudulent Text Messages claiming to be from HFS are being sent. If you received a text and are unsure of its legitimacy, please contact the credit union.