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Keep your financial information safe!

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Well the same goes for your financial information, including your account number and even your Online Banking user ID and password. Giving someone that information could give them access to your accounts and your money! If you receive an email or phone call where someone asks you for account numbers, user ID’s, passwords, or other personal information, do not give out that information. Your financial institution will never contact you asking for that information and neither should anyone else.

 In addition, when emailing the credit union be sure not to include your account number or other personal information. If you need immediate assistance with your account, the best solution is to call the financial institution directly so that we may verify your identity and account information correctly. If you prefer to email, it’s best to just ask someone to contact you and don’t include your account information. This way we keep your personal information safe and private. Although your financial institution always makes your safety and security a top priority, remembering this tip gives you one extra layer of security for your information.


Fraudulent Text Messages claiming to be from HFS are being sent. If you received a text and are unsure of its legitimacy, please contact the credit union.