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If you've been receiving more scam phone calls lately, you're not alone.

This holiday season has seen a dramatic increase in scam phone calls, with scammers becoming more sophisticated. Some of the common calls include auto warranty scams and IRS scams claiming you will be arrested if you don’t pay what you owe. A lot of us know not to answer phone calls that come from other states or even countries if we don’t recognize the number, but these scam calls are now even using an 808 area code and can even call using a number similar to your own or similar to a friend or family’s number, making it hard to recognize which calls can be answered.

As a general rule of thumb, if you don’t know the phone number you should let it go to voicemail. I always say if it’s important they’ll leave a message, and that’s how I’ll know if the call was legit or not. If by chance you did answer the phone, do not say “yes”! There are scammers that record your voice when you answer and try to get you to say the word “yes”. They then can use the recording of your voice to say that you agreed to sign up for some kind of service, etc that can cost you money and headaches after the fact. However, to be safe, let it go to voicemail and save yourself the frustration during this holiday season.

Take a look at this article from Hawaii News Now for more information!

3 replies to “A Rise in Phone Scams


I received a robo phone message from 877-253-8807 stating it was the HFSFCU Fraud Detection Center verifying my recent transaction and they had a case number. Is this a legit number?


Posted by: Jesica

Aloha Richardson,

HFS partners with a third party to help us detect potential fraudulent activity on our members cards, so the call that you received is from that service and that is a legitimate number. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at (808) 930-1400 or (800) 216-2666. Mahalo!

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