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Combat Fraud This Holiday Season

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While it’s a great time to take advantage of the holiday savings, don’t let scammers take advantage of you. Don’t fall victim to fraud during what should be the best time of the year, and remember these short and simple tips as you finish up your end of the year shopping!

1. Don’t use public Wi-Fi when shopping

Your personal and financial information are vulnerable when using public networks. Don’t shop online while posted up at Starbucks or other lounges with free Wi-Fi, use a private and secure network

2. Monitor your spending

When using your debit and credit card be sure to track and monitor your spending daily to catch any discrepancies. Set up automated alerts for transactions to get notifications of your transactions. This helps catch any unauthorized transactions quickly.

3. Shop at reputable websites

Pay attention to the emails, links and websites before you click anything. Before you finish your check-out process on any website, look for a security icon on the bottom right corner, indicating protection for your transaction.

4. Check your surroundings

Always remain aware of your surroundings and look for tampering of ATMs before use. If you’re shopping online, be sure to completely close online stores or turn off your computer, tablet or mobile device when away.

5. Secure your accounts

Avoid using the same e-mail and password combinations for online stores. Set up pins for your accounts or take advantage of thumb print/facial recognition features on your mobile devices if available.


Unfortunately, scammers are still active during the holiday season with fraudulent emails, websites, and messages being more prevalent at this time of year. Don’t fall for fake messages promoting phony websites or charities and always remain cautious when shopping online. Happy shopping!


Source: Information courtesy of ACI Worldwide and CUNA Mutual Group.

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