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5 Ways Online Banking Makes Your Life Easier

Woman sitting at a desk and using her computer for Online Banking. A cup of coffee sitting next to her computer

5 Ways Online Banking Makers Your Life Easier

  1. Short on time? Manage your finances on the go!

    For many people, it can be difficult to find the time to run into a physical branch location, especially if you’re short on time and can’t wait in line for too long. Use Online Banking to check your balances, complete transfers, and even deposit your checks through the Mobile App! As long as you’re signed up with Online Banking, you are able to download the HFS Mobile App and view your account straight from your smartphone.

  2. E-lerts

    E-lerts are a fantastic way to keep tabs on your account! Log onto Online Banking through a desktop computer, hover over the Access Accounts tab, and choose e-Mail Notification. Then, choose e-Lerts Options and select Continue. From here, you can set up what kinds of alerts you would like to receive via text message to your phone! Set it to alert you when a check clears, when your balance drops below a certain threshold that you set, when an account receives a deposit, or when there is a withdrawal. Not only does this help keep you mindful of your spending, but can help detect fraud quickly if you receive an alert for a transaction that you do not recognize.

  3. Take Advantage of the Bill Pay feature – at no charge!

    Did you know that as an HFS member, you have access to Bill Pay through Online Banking? The best part is there’s no cost to you! We all have our monthly bills that need to be paid; electric, water, rent/mortgage, insurance, and many others that may come up. Use Online Bill Pay to set up automatic payments straight to the vendor that you need! Many vendors are already set up in the system and can take automatic payments through Bill Pay as long as you have your account information with that vendor handy. However, even if they aren’t in the system, you may enter their information and HFS will cut and send the check on the day that you select it to be paid. Visit our website at for more information on Online Bill Pay.

  4. Mobile Deposit

    I briefly mentioned this in the first point above, but the Mobile Deposit feature definitely deserves its own spotlight! Although receiving a check is not as common as it used to be, especially with the use of Direct Deposit by many employers, there are still many instances in which  you may receive a check and now need to take it to get deposited. Instead of waiting in line at the nearest branch to deposit a check, especially if you weren’t planning on making any other transactions, use HFS Mobile Deposit to deposit that check from anywhere at any time that is most convenient for you!

    You will need to be signed up for Online Banking and have the HFS Mobile App downloaded in order to use this feature, but it will definitely come in handy if this is a feature you can see yourself using. Visit our website at for more information on Mobile Deposit.

  5. e-Statements

    We’ll have a more in depth blog post on this later this month, but instead of waiting for your monthly or quarterly statement in the mail, sign up for e-Statements through Online Banking to have access to your statements online. You’ll even receive your statement faster than if you were to wait for it to come by mail!

If these reasons haven’t yet convinced you to sign up for Online Banking, visit our website to learn more on how Online Banking can make your life easier!