We know that the process of buying a new car can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. That's why we asked Kurt Williams, Big Island Toyota's Senior Sales Manager for his top 5 tips when buying a new car.

1. Work with someone you like.

You’re making a big purchase, so make sure you feel comfortable with your salesperson and dealership. You should be able to ask them questions about the vehicles and throughout the buying process. It doesn’t hurt to do your research too.

2. Make sure it’s what you want.

Remember, a vehicle is the 2nd largest purchase you’re going to make. Spend your money on something you really want and that best fits your needs.

3. A great deal is a feeling, not a price.

If you like the salesperson, the dealership, love the vehicle and it’s financially comfortable for you, take the leap and make the purchase! (Also see tip #4.) You’ll be happy!

4. Don’t let a few dollars get in your way of making the right decision.

We’re not saying to spend more than you’ve budgeted, but if everything lines up, this may not be a make or break deal. Ask your Loan Officer how much more your payments will be and see if you’re still comfortable fitting that into your monthly budget. Another option may be doing a slightly larger down payment to make up the difference. See what your options are.

5. Enjoy your new ride.

You and your family deserve it!

Mahalo for your tips Kurt!

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2 replies to “5 Tips when buying a new car

Waimea Mama

Receiving these tips from someone in the industry seem to be a conflict of interest. Of course he wants you to spend more $$, and be sure to have that noted in his tips!

After buying a brand new luxury-brand car a couple of years ago, one of my tips would be not to get suckered in to the ‘upsells’ such as window tinting and paint sealing from the dealership. I would’ve saved quite a few bucks and gotten a better job if I had waited and gotten it done elsewhere.



Hey Waimea Mama! You make a terrific point. It’s important to really know what kind of budget you’re comfortable with. Pay specific attention to what your monthly payments would be and how that fits into your family’s current situation. Keep that in mind when you’re car shopping and you’ll be just fine :).

Thanks for sharing your tip as well! As with all purchases, shopping around and doing some research may very well help you save a little more.

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