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4 Advantages to eStatements

heap of shredded paper forms a symbol of a green fir tree to the right of the image

While that is definitely not a problem at all, there are some advantages to choosing an eStatement over a paper statement and we’re here to share those advantages with you!

4 Advantages to eStatements

1. Save Paper

This should go without saying, but think of all the paper you could save by choosing to receive your statement electronically! Many times you even end up shredding that statement once you’ve reviewed it. If you don’t need the paper copy on hand, why not go electronic and save that paper instead?

2. It’s faster

Snail mail takes time, hence the name. A paper statement will often be received four to six days after electronic statements are ready to be viewed. So by choosing electronic, you get to view your statement quicker! You can even sign up to receive email notifications through Online Banking so that you’ll be alerted once your statement is ready to view.

3. Security

Having a paper copy of your statement mailed to you means information on your account transactions and balances is out there. Often it passes through many hands before it makes it to you. Mail can get lost or be accidentally delivered to the wrong place, which is the last thing you want. Although the statement doesn’t have your account number on it, which is for your security, you probably still don’t want someone looking through your transactions and balances. By going electronic, you need to sign into Online Banking to view your statement, meaning it is protected by a username and password that only you should know.

4. History

By using electronic statements, you have access to up to 2 years worth of statements. Need to go back a few months and look for a specific transaction? Just choose the month you’re looking for (if available) and pull it up! Plus, if you need a paper copy for some reason, you can easily print it as a PDF document.

Interested in signing up for eStatements? Visit the Online Banking page on our website to find out how to enroll! Oh, and don’t forget, there’s no charge to sign up for eStatements!

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