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HFS Reality Fair

students visit the mall table at the reality fair to purchase optional items

The event attracted 67 students from various schools island wide, along with 30 HFS FCU staff members and 26 local business professional volunteers. The reality fair offered students a real-world simulation of life as an adult, giving them profiles in which they had a career, a spouse, a child, and their own debt. With these in mind, they were able to choose the types of housing, transportation, clothing, food, and other personal items all while staying within their monthly budget. Students who attended the Reality Fair were empowered with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions while learning how to write checks, keep a register, and different methods of payment.

Many students had great feedback following the event! Here is what some of them had to say:

  • I liked how friendly, fun and helpful all the volunteers were and that they took the time to help students.
  • It taught me how to expensive living on your own really is and how fast the expenses can add up.
  • I learned how to write a check and how important it is to maintain a check register.
  • It made me realize I didn’t have to live a bare minimum life, just a careful one.

Mahalo to all those who attended and helped make this event a success!

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