Youth Month's "The Science of Saving" has sparked lots of creativity in the branches! Check out our saving friendly HFS robots!

Credit Department

five robots showing the science of saving theme

Our bottom left robots are our main focal point. The scientist is in his laboratory, mixing coins in his beaker and pouring them into his piggy bank. The coins go in small and appear large in the piggy’s belly to depict small amounts of money being added to the savings, and over time those small amounts being saved will turn into a large amount.

On the top right we have “Johnny No. 5” who is ready to add to his savings by holding his cash and a deposit slip.

On the top left we have “Eve” the HFS employee and a little boy. The little boy is bringing in his cash to deposit and “Eve” is providing him with an HFS slime jar and test tube that are being handed out during Youth Month.

Hilo Office

five saving friendly robots

These are colorful, kid-friendly robots that help guide kids with saving money.

Blue – The Goal Monitor Bot: Allows kids to set their savings goal and monitors their progress.

Red – The Piggy Bank Bot: Stores kids short-term funds for things like: electronics and special toys

Yellow – The Encouragement Bot: Gives kids smart tips and positive motivation for saving.

Green – The Calculator Bot: Helps kids track your day to day expenses.

Pink – The Budget Bot: Helps kids to create a spending and savings plan.

Kea‘au Office

Betty the colorful savings robot

Meet Betty Bot, the newest addition to our HFS Kea‘au ‘ohana.

She masters in the science of saving and loves experimenting on new ways to save. Our money eating robot demonstrated how fun it can be to save for your future.

Kona Coast Office

Vault themed robot created by staff

Introducing Roberta, Supersaver 3000! She is designed with top of the line vault features to protect our keiki’s savings. Roberta encourages our keiki to save money now for a better future!

Prince Kuhio Office

different robots created by staff to show the science of saving youth month theme

Waimea Office

cowgirl and horse robots

Which robot is your favorite?

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