Spring has almost sprung, which means it's time to get that spring cleaning started.

Although here in Hawaii we don’t have traditional seasons, it is nice to do a good thorough spring cleaning when the time rolls around. Most of us think about our house when we hear “spring cleaning”, but what about our cars? The Big Island is just that, big, which means having a car is almost absolutely necessary here. Long commutes can mean lots of time spent in our vehicle, or as I call it, my home away from home. Just as our home can get dusty and dirty, so can our car, which is why we need a good thorough cleaning for our cars too.

Areas to Focus On:

Seats and Floors

Whether you have fabric interior or leather, you’ll be surprised at the amount of dirt and dust that can get tracked into your vehicle. Break out the trusty vacuum, or shop vac, and take care of the floors and seats, making sure to get in between crevices of your seats, center consoles, etc. where dirt can get trapped and is not easily seen.

Dashboard, center consoles, etc.

You may notice that the non-fabric portions of your interior can take quite a beating over time. Not only can dust build up in these areas, but the sun can also cause fading and cracking after a while. Many stores do sell interior cleaners that you can use to wipe these areas, such as your dashboard, glove box, center console and steering wheel while also adding a layer of protectant to help increase its lifespan.


Spending a lot of time in your car can lead to lots of “things” all over the place. Especially if you are shuttling kids back and forth from school to after school activities or you yourself have a busy schedule. Did you know that extra weight in your vehicle can actually have a negative impact on your mpg? Take the time to throw away all the rubbish that doesn’t need to be kept, put away all those things that never made it into the house, and reorganize what you do need to leave in your vehicle. Feeling organized in your car, as well as your home, can make your day that much brighter.

Glove Box

Who else uses the glove box as extra storage, aside from your necessary paperwork? I know I’m guilty of this. Every so often go through and take out what you don’t need (napkins, receipts, other paperwork, etc.) and keep this area nice and tidy so you’ll be able to find what you need quickly in case of an emergency.


Don’t forget the most exposed part of your vehicle, the exterior! The outside of your vehicle is exposed to all of the elements almost 24/7 and needs to be kept clean to prevent future damage. You should aim to wash your vehicle at least once a month and every few months, if possible, put on a layer of polish to help protect your paint from sun and water damage.

Your vehicle will usually be one of your more expensive purchases in your lifetime, aside from a home. By taking care of that investment using the steps above, you’ll help extend the lifetime and value of your car. Happy cleaning!

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