December is quickly coming upon us and the Christmas season is almost here.

We all know what that means; time to put up the tree, bake the cookies, deck the halls, and wrap the presents. Before all of this, though, you have to pick up those holiday gifts. Let’s be honest, we all have that one person that makes gift shopping feel impossible. Whether it’s your picky mother-in-law or your hard to impress boss, this list of easy gifts is bound to please.

For Your Boss: A Mug

A mug is a versatile and affordable gift. It is great for a boss that starts their morning with a “cup of joe” and can be easily packaged creatively with coffee grounds and other beverage accessories that help to personalize the gift.

For Your Coworker: A Candle

Candles are simple, but sure to be people pleasers. Especially for that coworker who needs some stress relief. You can even upgrade this gift to a complete self care kit by adding a salt scrub and essential oils.

For Your Neighbor: Baked Goods

Baked goods are an easy way to show off your culinary skills, while also making an affordable homemade gift. They are quite easy to make in bulk (like cookies and muffins) so you are able to gift them to more than one neighbor!

For Your Sibling: Calendar

A calendar is a great way to keep your sibling organized and on time. You can take this gift to the next level by customizing it with family photos or photos of things like cute dogs, adorable cats or their favorite TV show characters.

For Your Mother-In-Law: Framed Family Photos

This easy gift is the way to go with a picky mother-in-law. This personalized and sentimental gift is a great way to capture happy family memories and allows the gift recipient to display them for all visitors to see.


These gifts are a great way to please the picky this holiday season while avoiding generic presents like gift cards. Remember that the holidays should be a joyous time, so don’t get too stressed about finding the perfect gift for that special someone. Merry Christmas!


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