Sleep is a precious thing, or at least I think so. I try to get as much shut eye as I can and dread that moment in the morning when my alarm goes off. Guiltily, I’ve had to set multiple alarms to wake me up since the snooze button is usually more tempting than getting up. I’ve started to think though, there are some great benefits to choosing to jump out of bed early in the morning. Here are some of the reasons why I’m going to plan on changing my morning routine:


Who wants to work out after a long day of work and running errands? This can be the reason that many people aren’t able to fit exercise into their daily routine. However, by getting up earlier in the morning, even just 30 minutes earlier, you allow yourself time to go for a jog, do some yoga, or any other type of exercise to help get your blood flowing and improve your energy for the day. Don’t forget,  exercise releases endorphins that make you feel happy and energized and I’m sure your family and co-workers will appreciate the wonderful mood you’ll be in! (Not saying you aren’t already a morning person, but speaking from experience the endorphins definitely help)

Eat a Great Breakfast

Raise your hand if you’ve ever woken up, gotten ready and left for work without eating anything….(I’m raising my hand). Honestly, I do this pretty much every day and I’m lucky if I remember to pack a snack to hold me over until lunch and I know many people who start off their mornings the same way. Unfortunately, all of us that do this are missing out on the opportunity to fuel our bodies for the day. I’ve read of many benefits to eating a hearty and healthy breakfast, but I won’t get into all that. I’ll just say that by giving yourself some extra time in the morning you can make time to prepare a breakfast and have time to actually sit down and eat it before rushing out the door.

Increase Productivity

The evenings can be a hectic time. Everyone is home from work or school, dinner needs to be made and eaten, kitchen cleaned, homework time for the kids, getting ready for bed…all in the 4 to 5 hours you have between the end of work and ideally when it’s time to sleep. For this reason many things can often be put off until the weekend when you have more time to be productive, but who really wants to spend a chunk of their weekend cleaning?

Give yourself some time in the morning to knock a few items off of your to do list. Whether it be cleaning the bathroom sinks, putting away the dishes piling up in the dish rack, or reviewing your monthly budget. Whatever it may be, tackle it a little at a time each morning and free up your evenings and weekends for relaxation and fun!

Quiet Time

Sometimes we just need some nice quiet time to ourselves. We can spend that time reading a few chapters in our favorite book while sipping on a cup of coffee or tea, catching up on our favorite TV show, or even just sitting outside and watching the sunrise. Use the time to organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and get some much needed “me” time while the rest of the family enjoys their sleep.

I’m setting my alarm at least 30 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and I’m not hitting snooze. Time to try out some of the options above and see what a difference it makes in the day!

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