What do you think of when you hear Halloween?

Is it the candy, costumes, scary movies or maybe you just love the decorations? Whatever it is, chances are it will cost you to participate in this holiday. According to the Spooky Halloween Spending article in our Financial Resource Center, in 2018 the total spending on Halloween by Americans is projected to reach $9 billion! Costumes account for $3.4 billion and Candy is projected at $2.6 billion.

Although spending for Halloween may not be as high as holidays like Christmas, it can still be tough to make room for it in your budget, especially with other holidays quickly approaching.

Here are some savings tips for this Halloween, and the next!

Community Halloween Activities

Chances are there will be a variety of free activities in your community that are fun and family-friendly. Start searching for these at least a couple of weeks in advance so that you can plan your Halloween night and get an early start, especially since it does fall on a school night.

Pumpkin Buying

Many of us buy our things early just in case right? That also means we’re most likely paying higher prices. If your family likes to carve pumpkins and you don’t mind waiting to get yours, try looking for yours the day before (or a couple days before) Halloween. As with other holidays, stores will discount Halloween items as the day approaches.


If you like to hand out candy, you’re going to need a lot of it. Instead of buying more of the smaller packages of candy in grocery stores, look to buy candy in bulk at warehouse stores like Cost-U-Less or Costco. Just be careful not to buy too much so you won’t be stuck with the rest of the candy for the next few months.

Get Creative

Halloween costumes can be one of the most expensive aspects of the holiday. Don’t be afraid to re-use costumes from prior years or use those old costumes to create a new one. Before buying a costume, think about what items you may have at home that could bring your cost down if you just create your own costume instead. Remember, you’ll only wear it for a few hours at most.

Post-Holiday Sales

As with any holiday, you’ll find deep discounts in the stores on anything Halloween related starting November 1st. Although it won’t work to stock up on candy, you can use this time to buy decorations and even costumes for much lower prices and you’ll already be prepared for the following year!

A holiday like Halloween definitely does not have to be a budget buster for you. It just takes a little creativity and patience and you’ll still have lots of fun!

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