In recent years, mason jars have made a huge comeback in décor, with many new and creative ways to reuse what was once used only for canning or food storage.

For the past few years, mason jar gifts have been my “go to” for family gifts that I can make in bulk for many people. There really are an endless amount of ways to turn this simple jar into a fun and creative gift. I’m here to share a few different gift ideas using mason jars that are simple to make and great gift options!

Before diving into the different ideas, I wanted to note that you can get mason jars on sale at a great price. I usually wait until I see the pack of 12 come on sale and buy it then, even if it’s early in the year. This helps bring down the cost of your gifts, especially if your gift budget is tight come Christmas time.

1. Food Mixes

The very first year I was inspired to try mason jar gifts because of a hot cocoa mix I saw online, made in mason jars! There were two different types, with the ingredients beautifully layered on top of each other in the jar. The ingredients were relatively inexpensive to buy, especially because it was divided amongst many servings, and it was simple to make. The recipe I found gave me the amount of dry ingredients needed in each jar and I measured and put it together. It can get a little messy though, so be sure to put a dishtowel or something down to catch the ingredients that don’t make it into the jar.

I’ve also made a spice rub within a mason jar to gift and I’ve seen baking mixes (cookies, cakes, cupcakes), pancake mixes, etc. all packaged within a mason jar. Be sure to have a tag or label listing the ingredients in case anyone has allergies, include the shelf life and any instructions needed. For example, the hot cocoa was good for 1 year from when I made it, as long as it was closed tightly and stored in a dry area.

2. Themed Jars

Based on who the gift will be going to, you can choose a theme. For example, you can create a Spa in a Jar with facial masks, nail polish, nail files and body scrubs, all packaged in small containers/bags that fit nicely into the jar. Some other ideas include: crafting kit, baking kit, sewing kit, coffee lovers jar, tea lovers jar or even an emergency kit. You can choose the items you want to fit into the jar and many will need to be travel sizes, which are easier on the budget.

3. Decorated Jars

This option allows the mason jar to be the star of the show. It does take a little more craftiness to go this route, but if you’re up for it, they can turn out to be really fun and personalized gifts. Instead of focusing on what should go into the jar, make the jar your masterpiece instead. You can etch it with the initials of the recipient, add paint to coat the entire inside in a holiday color, create a shape that remains clear while painting the rest of the jar. Then you can add a candle and turn the jar into a candle holder with the light that shines through the shape you created. There really are unlimited possibilities with this option, it’s just up to you to take the time to create the design.

4. Snow Globe

There are plenty of tutorials on the web to help teach you how to turn a jar into a snow globe, which of course is perfect timing as a Christmas gift. It also doesn’t have to be Christmas themed, but instead personalized to fit the person who will be receiving the gift.

If these don’t fit what you had in mind, take a few minutes to browse Pinterest or Google and check out the many other options available to you. It is sure to be a gift that your friends and family will love.

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