Last year I embarked on a 30 Day No Spend Challenge, refraining from all unnecessary spending in an effort to curb impulse shopping.

New year, new challenge!

Today begins a new 30 Day Meal Prep Challenge. What is a meal prep challenge you ask? Well, let me explain.

For many people, myself included, food can take a large chunk out of our budget, and I’m not just talking about grocery shopping, I’m also talking about convenience foods. Life can be hectic at times, which makes stopping at a restaurant, going through a drive-thru, or making a convenience store run the easiest option sometimes. However, these types of food purchases come at a high cost and add up quickly, especially if you’re buying food for the whole family.

Game Plan

Starting today, there will be no more food runs. No restaurant trips, no food deliveries (like pizza), no fast food runs, no 7-11 runs…all of that is cut out for the next 30 days. Instead, all of my meals will be prepared at home, by me! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks will be prepared ahead of time at home. It will be my responsibility to make sure I plan ahead so that I don’t run into a situation where I need to go out and buy a meal or snack.

I will be planning out my grocery shopping trips before-hand based on store weekly sale ads and coupons and planning my menu items based on the sales and what I already have in the pantry. Through grocery savings and the elimination of convenience foods, my goal is to see a decrease in food spending and create a habit that will last even after the 30 days are over. If you’re not already comfortable in the kitchen, this kind of challenge is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and enhance your culinary skills!

I’ll be posting updates as the challenge takes place and hopefully my attempt at this challenge will inspire you to take on your own challenge! Whatever area of your finances you’d like to change, this can be a great way to start. Stay tuned for more from my 30 Day Meal Prep Challenge!


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